Alfalfa Food Supplement

Discovered by the Arabs and called the "Father of Foods", supplying a high source of Chlorophyll. Due to its extensive root system, it is very rich in minerals and nutrients, including Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium. It is good for the blood, and is high in Beta-Carotene. It also contains natural fluoride thus helping to prevent tooth decay, and is used as a folk remedy for arthritis.

Aloe Blend for Digestive Problems and the Immune System

Historically one of the most healing of all herbs. This remarkable blend of natural herbs and Aloe provides amazing internal health benefits. Studies indicate Aloe provides exceptional synergistic benefits for the bodyís healing process. Traditionally used externally to heal sores, wounds and burns. Used internally, it effectively supports the bodyís fight against ulcers and other stomach disorders, as well as problems with the colon and bowels. Considered an effective laxative when taken in larger doses. Promotes general healing, helping to let you eat what you want to without digestive troubles.

Astragalus for High Blood Pressure

Oriental herbalistís have used this herb for many centuries for ailments including diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. It is traditionally used to help activate the immune system thus enhancing the bodyís natural ability to fight disease. It is a deep tonic for bone marrow.

Barley Grass aids in relieving Pancreatitis

Barley Grass is high in vitamins B and E. It traditionally was used for people who were sick and was recommended for those convalescing. Because the plant produces properties similar to Ephedrine it is valued in the treatment of asthma and bronchitis as well as many other Health Benefits.

Bayberry for Varicose Veins

This Native American plant is considered one of the most versatile herbs. It may be used to relieve and prevent varicose veins and was often prescribed by 19th century physicians to nutritionally support the improvement of vascular problems. It was also recommended to support the bodyís fight against colds, coughs, and flu as well as an effective gargle for sore throats. This formula was especially popular among women because of its preventative and nutritive value.

Bee Pollen Boosts the Natural Defense System

One of Natureís most extraordinary whole foods, containing basic elements needed by the human body, including essential amino acids with 25% protein, 16 different vitamins, 11 enzymes, 14 fatty acids, 28 minerals and 11 different carbohydrates. No other single food source provides this much nutritive value to replenish your system of vital nutrients and keep your body and mind strong. It is excellent for increasing strength, endurance, and energy. It helps to speed recovery after rigorous exercising and other forms of physical stress and maintain vigorous good health.

Bilberry to Support Healthy Eyes

This herb is said to be natureís gift for the eyes. It has been used to enhance eye care. It improves the circulation and helps improve night vision and helps fight blurred vision, improve blurred vision, and nearsightedness. British pilots used this herb prior to night missions an reported improved and clarity of vision. This herb is commonly used to fight eye fatigue and eyestrain by supporting and strengthen the capillaries that feed the eye nerves and muscles.

Black Cohosh for Female Complaints "The Blues"

Native Americans used this herb in the treatment of rheumatism as well as many "female complaints". It is a traditional remedy for inducing ministration, relieving cramps and facilitating labor and delivery. It is a source of natural estrogen and can be used to help women off synthetic estrogen, which has numerous side effects and possible cancer causing agents.

Black Walnut Hulls as a Natural Laxative

In the past this herb has been used for treatment of yeast infections and warts, fungal and parasitic infections. Traditional it is used to relieve constipation and to promote bowel regularity.

Blessed Thistle For Improving Circulation

This herb is one of the oldest folk remedies known to regulate the menstrual cycle, and is often used by folk healers to treat liver and kidney disorders. It is also considered an excellent herb for the stomach and heart. It may improve memory by increasing oxygen to the brain through improved circulation.

Blue Cohosh Root to ease Womenís Menstrual Cramps

Blue Cohosh has many of the same properties as Black Cohosh and is traditionally used for many similar purposes such as regulating menstruation, and for suppressed menstruation. It is also used to decrease cramping and is helpful in uterine infections.

Bromelain Aids Digestion with a Digesting Enzyme that Breaks Down Fat

Take this amazing enzyme after eating and support your ability to digest protein and break down fat. This enzyme helps you body rid itself of excess fluids and fat. If you take it on an empty stomach it helps your body reduce inflammation and swelling, even in the joints. This natural enzyme will support your bodyís fight against weight gain and water retention. Especially good for those who eat larger quantities of protein and are trying to reduce body fat when exercising to build muscle.

Burdock Root as a Blood Purifier

Natural healers use this herb as an effective blood purifier, believing that it rids the body of toxins. Excellent for arthritis and applied externally for skin problems. Burdock is still used today as a diuretic, and to support the healing of chronic acne and psoriasis.

Butchers Broom for Inflammation and Circulation

For centuries European herbalistís have used this herb to relieve water retention and to treat the discomfort and pain caused by poor circulation in the legs. This plant contains steroid-like compounds that may constrict veins and reduce inflammation caused by arthritis and rheumatism.

Cascara Sagrada for Chronic Constipation

Also known as Buckthorn, this herb is one of natures better laxatives and a great remedy for chronic constipation. It will benefit the entire digestive system, and has also been used for gallstones and liver ailments. Sagrada, meaning "sacred", shows how revered this plant has been historically.

Catnip as a Mild Sedative and to Control Diarrhea

This herb is used as a mild sedative useful for cramps and upset stomach. It is said to be calming to the nervous system, to aid digestion and to help control diarrhea. It is also used to control fevers, and stimulate the appetite.

Cayenne Improves Circulatory System

Cayenne is been used as an overall digestive aid and is considered to improve the entire circulatory system and act as one of the best stimulants. Considered to be one of the most valuable herbs, allows healing and cleansing to take place, making Cayenne excellent for colds and chills. Recent topical use is being prescribed by doctors, to treat the pain of gout.

Chamomile Flower Relieves Menstrual Cramps

Since the 1600ís Europeans have used Chamomile as a cure for insomnia, back pain and rheumatism, but is usefulness can be traced to the Ancient Egyptians. As a rinse, Chamomile will enhance the highlight of blond hair. It is a delicious tea, and is often used to relieve menstrual crams.

Chickweed For a Blood Purifier and is Rich in Potassium

Chickweed has been traditionally used as an external remedy for cuts and especially for itching and irritation. Considered to be an excellent blood purifier as it can help carry away toxins. It may reduce plaque in the blood system and is rich in Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium, as well as Vitamin C.

Coenzyme Q10 for the Heart and to Retard the Aging Process and to Alleviate Gum Disease

If you suffer from lack of energy, have high blood pressure, heart trouble, or need to reduce your cholesterol, you may be suffering from a Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) deficiency. CoQ10 is essential for human life and health and is needed by every cell in the human body. It provides the spark within the cell necessary for the production of energy. As we age, we loose the ability to manufacture adequate amounts of CoQ10, and it is lacking in our diets. If you are lacking it, you are at risk of serious age related illness. Your organs suffer the most because they need the highest amount of energy. Worldwide studies confirm CoQ10 can enhance and even revitalize you health by strengthening your heart, immune system and cellular function.

Comfrey Leaf for Stomach Ulcers, Kidneys, Bowels and Lungs

Comfrey leaves are traditionally eaten as a cure for poor circulation, and is a blood strengthener and cleanser. It is also used to help heal ulcers. It is beneficial for the stomach, and is useful for kidney disorders.

Comfrey Root is useful for Kidney Disorders

Herbal healers have used Comfrey for generations to effectively treat skin wounds. This plant contains allantoin which helps stimulate the growth of new cells. Products containing Allonotin are useful for all types of skin irritations including burns, bruises, cuts and bug bites. It helps to purify the blood and is useful for kidney disorders.

Cornsilk is helpful for Hypertension

For many years Cornsilk has been used as a remedy for bladder and kidney ailments and is also considered to tone the prostrate glands. It may be useful when taken for bed-wetting and is taken for hypertension, unitary tract dysfunctionís and acts as a diuretic.

Damiana used as a Sexual Stimulant and for Impotence

As itís Latin name infers (turnera Aphrodisiac) Damiana has been used as a sexual stimulate and folk cure for impotence. Herbalistís also recommend it as a laxative and a general tonic for overall health. It may help relieve anxiety and promote a feeling of well being. This herb has been used to strengthen reproductive organs.

Dulse is useful for Thyroid Dysfunction

One of the Kelp members, Dulse is high in iodine and trace minerals. Useful in treating Thyroid dysfunction, this herb is extremely high in nutrients. An iridescent marine plant, Dulse also contains a broad spectrum of Vitamins, including B-12 and ten Amino Acids. Low in calories Dulse acts like bran as a body regulator.

Devils Claw for Arthritis and Rheumatism

This herb has been popular in Africa an Europe for more than two hundred years. It is primarily used as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever against arthritis and rheumatism, and acts to decrease cholesterol. It is also said to be useful in treating gout.

Dong Quai helps maintain Female Hormones and regulates Monthly Cycles

Dong Quai is considered by the Chinese to be a wonderful herb for female disorders. It may help maintain a proper balance of female hormones and regulate monthly cycles. It is also said to calm the nerves and aid in Vitamin E deficiency. It is also said to be a natural defender against PMS.

Echinacea is taken to Lessen the Severity of Colds and Flu

Native American Indians used this plant for snakebites and other skin wounds. It was also used to treat strep throat and is popular in Europe for its positive effect on the immune system. It is said to expel toxins and poisons, and appears to lessen the severity of colds and flu shortening their duration. It is used as a protection against infection and is a supreme herb for building a stronger immune system.

Eyebright is used for Hay Fever and Relief of Eye Inflammations

Eyebright has been used since the middle ages as a tonic and astringent. It is said to be especially useful for weak eyesight, eye inflammations, and other eye ailments. It is used to bring relief to sour, runny eyes due to allergies or colds. Eyebright is also used for hayfever as it shrinks swollen sinuses.

Fennel Seed Helps Reduce Inflammation and Calms Coughs

For centuries this herb has been used to promote appetite and relieve gas. Used externally, the oil is a folk remedy for inflammation, rheumatism and arthritis. Calming for coughs and colds it also increase lactation in nursing mothers. Its culinary uses are equally well known. This herb is known to be a diuretic, carminative and anti-parasitic. It is useful for the digestive system and bowel complaints.

Fenugreek for Intestinal Problems and is used as an Aphrodisiac

One of the oldest known medicinal plants, Fenugreek was used by Hippocrates, " the Father of Medicine", for sore throats and colds. It is also reputed to be an aphrodisiac, and to be useful for allergies, coughs, digestion, headaches and ulcers.

Fo-Ti is used for Rejuvenation and is good for the Heart

Known in China as Ho Shou Wu, this herb is used as an overall rejuvenating tonic. Very good for the heart, Fo-Ti has also shown anti-tumor properties and may reduce blood pressure. It is said to prevent the graying of hair, and is used daily by many Chinese.

Garlic ( Odorless ) is used to Reduce Infection

Ancient Egyptians considered garlic the wonder drug of the herbal world, using it for everything from treating ear infections to tuberculosis. It is said to help prevent heart disease and cancer. Albert Schweitzer used garlic to treat Cholera, Typhus and Dysentery. Truly a wonderful herb, garlic is also said to be good to strengthen the immune system, protect from aging, protect cells from toxins, improve the cardiovascular system while fighting viral, fungal and bacterial infections.

Ginger Root is good for the Stomach and helps Cleanse Kidneys

Ginger is a time proven remedy for cramps, indigestion, and upset stomach. It has also been used for stimulating the circulatory system, easing cold symptoms and sore throats, and helping to cleanse the kidneys and bowels. It is also helpful for morning sickness and motion sickness. It relieves nausea fast.

Ginkgo Biloba is used for Prevention and Slowing the Aging Process

For 4800 years Chinese herbalistís have used this herb to treat Coughs, Asthma and Allergies. Todayís Ginkgo is widely prescribed in Europe for improving circulation, improving mental functioning and for slowing aging and preventing cancer. This truly remarkable herb comes from a tree that predates the dinosaurs. It can be used to improve your energy and stamina, and improve your mood and sense of well being and clarity of thought.

Ginseng is good for Body Balance and Endurance

Ginseng is considered to by many to be the king of herbs, and is used in China as a cure-all. It is used to increase physical an mental endurance, increase energy, normalize body functions, reduce cholesterol, and help prevent cancer. Traditionally it has also been used to enhance sexual desire. It supports the natural balance of your body to combat fatigue and strengthen and protect your nervous system.

Goldenrod is taken for weak digestion

This plantís name (solidago) comes from solidare for the plant is considered a "vulnerary" or one that "makes whole". Good for weak digestion, as a diuretic and for headaches and vomiting.

Goldenseal Root is a Natural Anti-biotic

This herb is one of the most beneficial of all. Discovered by the Australian Aborigines, it has traditionally been used as a natural antibiotic for the treatment of colds and flu, and for congestion. Used externally it is considered an excellent antiseptic. It will stimulate mucous membrane secretions and is helpful in gastritis, ulcers and allergies.

Gotu Kola helps the Memory and is good for the Nerves

Although probably first used in India, this herb has a tradition of over two thousand years in China. Known as the "memory" herb. Gotu Kola stimulates the circulatory system and is considered a nerve tonic. It is said to improve learning ability and memory, and to have a calming effect.

Grape Seed Extract a powerful Antioxidant

Known as Proanthocyanidin, a natural plant extract bio-flavonoid, is considered to be the most powerful antioxidant known to man. Research has shown it to be twenty times more powerful than Vitamin C and fifty times more powerful than Vitamin E as an antioxidant. Easily absorbed by the body, this water soluble flavonoid has a unique ability to eliminate damaging free radicals thus reducing inflammation, helping to repair damaged tissues and restoring flexibility to arthritis damaged joints. It is said to improve circulation, strengthen capillaries and improve the cardiovascular system, improve skin elasticity and smoothness.

Guar Gum helps curb the Appetite

Historically this herb has been used to treat diabetes and to curb the appetite. It also has the ability to carry toxins out of the body. It should not be used by those who have had gastrointestinal surgery or colon disorder.

Guarana Seed is a Fatigue Fighter

The seeds of this South American plant are a source of caffeine and are widely used for their stimulating effect. They are said to increase alertness and help fight fatigue. In Brazil, Guarana is used for soft drinks. It is a central nervous system stimulant and is considered the least likely of all caffeine plants to cause anxiety.

Hawthorne Berries is used to Strengthen the Heart

Hawthorne has long been used for insomnia and digestive problems, and in the late 1800ís European healers discovered its benefits to the heart. It is useful in regulating blood pressure and strengthening and regulating the heart. It is said to be good for stress.

Hops tones the Liver and is a mild Sedative and Pain Reliever for Children

Hops has traditionally been valuable in treating insomnia. It has a calming effect on the body and is used to relieve cramps and gas. It is also said to tone the liver. A safe and mild sedative for children, it is also used as a mild pain reliever.

Hydrangea helps reduce Inflamed Prostrate and Urinary Tract Infections

Hydrangeaís greatest use is in the treatment of inflamed or enlarged prostrate glands. It may also be used for bladder problems and urinary tract infections. It aids the kidneys, particularly when combined with Parsley and Barberry and is considered an excellent herb for rheumatism.

Juniper Berries is used for Cleansing the Kidneys

For centuries Juniper Berries have been a folk remedy for urinary tract problems and gallstones. Also wonderful for kidney ailments, to cleanse the blood, and as a preventative for disease. It is a diuretic and stimulant to the stomach.

Kava Kava Root Reduces Nervousness and Promotes a Feeling of Well Being

First discovered by the explorer captain Cook, Kava-Kava has been used by herbalistís as a remedy for insomnia and nervousness. It may also help relieve cramping due to muscle spasms. It has a stimulating effect on the urinary tract, as well as the central nervous system and can promote a feeling of well being.

Kelp / Dulse Blend is a Good Source of Iodine and Trace Minerals

This extraordinary blend contains both members of the sea kelp family and Dulse, all high in iodine and trace minerals. It was formulated to help the body fight infection and illness. It is an excellent source of calcium, magnesium and potassium. It also contains a broad range of vitamins including b-12 with ten amino acids.

Kelp helps the Body Fight Infection

Due to its iodine binding ability in the thyroid gland, Kelp is considered to be a radiation antagonist. Iodine is known to help the body fight infection. Kelp is also an excellent source of calcium, magnesium and potassium, with a host of other trace minerals. It is recommended as a daily supplement in the diet.

Lobelia is a Relaxant and helps Headaches

This herb is a powerful relaxing agent as well as being beneficial for allergies, coughs, colds and headaches. It has a powerful effect on numerous other ailments and is considered one of the most valuable herbs do to the holistic combination of stimulation and relaxation.

Marshmallow Root is useful for Bronchitis

Charlemagne ordered this herb planted throughout his kingdom to ensure a plentiful supply. It is an old time remedy for gastrointestinal disorders, and is recommended for raw throats and chests due to coughs and bronchitis.

Milk Thistle works with the Liver to Protect from Undesirable Chemicals

Milk Thistle is extremely popular in Europe, being used as a tonic for the liver. Numerous studies show this herb enhances liver function and stimulates production of new cells. It is also said help protect the liver from damaging chemicals, thus preventing damage from free radicals. This herb contains a flavonoid called Silymarin which has a powerful effect on liver cells an be of many other health benefits. It has been used to support the healing of the liver and improving skin problems related to poor liver function.

Muirapauma is reputed to be an Aphrodisiac

Often used as a steroid replacer, Muirapauma is also highly regarded by Brazilians as a stimulant and stomach tonic. It is used to treat Rheumatism and is reputed to be an aphrodisiac.

Mullein Leaf taken to treat Swollen Joints

This herb is an old time remedy for bronchitis and coughs. A good expectorant, it is high in iron, potassium and magnesium. It may strengthen the sinuses and has been used successfully to treat swollen joints. The oil is used for earaches, and as a pain reliever and antibacterial.

Myrrh Gum is a Herbal Breath Freshener

Used since biblical times, the resin of the Myrrh plant has been used as a mouth wash for sores in the mouth and throat. It cleanses the colon and aids the digestive system. It is often called an herbal breath freshener an may help with sinus problems.

Nettle helps reduce Fevers Rich in iron and Vitamin C.

Nettle can help prevent anemia. It is a well-known folk remedy said to be good for fevers and colds, hayfever and allergies. Traditionally it has also been used to help lower blood sugar, and is an excellent supplement due to its high content of Calcium and Chlorophyll.

Oregon Grape Root Helps Remove Toxins from the Blood

Historically this herb has been used to cleanse the blood by removing toxins. It may also be useful in treating rheumatism and arthritis, chronic liver problems, and is beneficial for skin conditions such as herpes, acne and eczema.

Osha aids the Immune System and is good for Smokers

Western American Indians originally used this herb for colds, flu and respiratory infections. Osha is also said to aid the immune system and help the body fight infection. It is useful for sore throats, smoking and helps to relieve dry membranes.

Papaya Leaf aids Digestion and reduces Heartburn

Papaya contains a digestive enzyme called papain that helps digest protein. It is considered a safe natural digestive aid. This herb is used by "heartburn" sufferers for relief without the side effects of antacids. It is said to be good for constipation.

Passion Flower is a Natural Tranquilizer and is used to relieve Muscle Tension

This herb is one of natures best tranquilizers. It is used to relieve muscle tension and anxiety. Passion flower is a safe natural alternative to promote a restful sleep and is recommended by herbalistís for times of emotional upset. It has also been used for asthma and seizures.

Pau DíArco is a Natural Anti-biotic that has Antiviral and Antifungal qualities

The bark of this Brazilian tree has many historical health benefits including a remedy for Candida, athletes foot, and other fungal infections. It is reputed to be effective in nutritionally supporting the bodyís fight against some forms of cancer and to be good for the digestion. This herb is also used to support red blood cell count. The use of this herb that can help provide natural antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal benefits and inhibits yeast infections.

Peach Leaf helps Coughs

The leaves of this tree provide soothing relief for the digestive tract in conditionings such as gastritis. Traditionally used for relieving coughs and bronchitis, it is also excellent for bladder and uterine problems.

Peppermint Leaf helps reduce Nausea and Relaxes the Stomach

This wonderful mint is one of the oldest known home remedies for indigestion. It relaxes the stomach muscles, relieves gas and is also good for nausea and vomiting. A delicious tea, it is also used to treat headaches. Peppermint has the ability to normalize the entire system.

Psyllium Husk is Natures Colon Cleanser to remove Toxins from the Intestines

For decades herbalistís have known that Psyllium is one of the highest sources of dietary fiber. One of the best colon cleansers, it swells up to fifty times its size to bind and remove toxins from the intestines. It has been used to treat ulcers, colitis and constipation and help clear away excess cholesterol.

Red Clover is used as a Blood Purifier

This wonderful herb has been considered one of the very best blood purifies. It contains small amounts of silica, choline calcium and lecithin which promote normal body functions. A muscle relaxer and exporant, red clover is also combined with other herbs to fight cancers and tumors.

Rosehips is a Infection Fighter and Provides Natural Vitamin C

Rosehips provide one of the best natural sources of Vitamin C, which is considered an infection fighter. Rosehips will help against the development of colds and make an excellent tonic for exhaustion. Herbalistís also use them for constipation and problems of the kidney and bladder.

Safflower is a good Laxative

The flowers of this plant are used as a laxative for adults and also have many uses in the treating of childrenís ailments, including measles, fevers, and skin complaints. It is also used as a digestive aid, and can help relieve arthritis, rheumatism and gout. Safflower is widely used in China for coronary disease and menstrual disturbances.

Sage helps Inflammation of the Mucous Membranes, Mouth and Gums

Sage is a classic remedy for inflammations of the mouth, throat and tonsils. The volatile oils are very soothing to the mucous membranes. It is also used to increase circulation and is considered an excellent remedy for poor digestion and stomach problems.

Sarsaparilla Root is used for Arthritis and promotes Male Sexual Potency

Brought to Europe from the new world by the Spanish in the 1600ís, this herb is known as the tonic for male sexual potency. Herbalistís say its steroid-like compounds actually contain the hormones testosterone, progesterone and cortin. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory for arthritis and as a treatment for urinary tract disorders. Native Americans used this herb as a rejuvenating tonic.

Sassafras is used for the Skin

Sassafras is primarily used for skin problems such as eczema. It is also used to treat rheumatism and gout. It is a blood purifier which in part explains its effectiveness on the skin. It may also benefit the liver, in which it stimulates to help expel toxins.

Saw Palmetto to Strengthen the Prostrate Gland

This herbs effectiveness is scientifically documented and is used to tone and strengthen the prostrate gland. Its fatty acids and sterols have been clinically tested and can safely enhance the health and healing of the prostrate. It is also used to treat coughs from colds as well as bronchitis. It may be beneficial to both sexes to balance the hormones. Studies show Saw Palmetto can alleviate prostrate enlargement, while supporting prostrate healing and repair.

Senna Leaf as a Laxative

Senna is a powerful laxative, and is most effective when combined with Cardamom, Ginger or Fennel. These aromatic herbs seem to increase regularity and reduce the chance of bowel cramps do to its strong action.

Slippery Elm helps Sore Throats

One of natures best herbs, Slippery Elm is used for numerous ailments including sore, scratchy throats, mouth irritation and constipation. It aids digestion and helps cleanse the colon. It is a remedy for kidney problems, and the lungs and some herbalistís use it to relieve the pain of ulcers.

Suma is used for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

First discovered by Brazilian Indian tribes, this herb is called the South American Ginseng. Named "Para Todo", meaning "For all Things", it is used as an overall tonic and may relieve chronic fatigue syndrome. It is also said to relieve the symptoms of menopause and treat exhaustion form viral infections.

Thyme is used for Migraine Headaches

During the middle ages Thyme was thought to increase courage and was given to knights as they went to battle. Today, in addition to its culinary uses, Thyme is used as a expectorant and disinfectant, and is also known for its antifungal properties. It may also bring relief to migraine headaches and help clear the lungs and respiratory system.

Uva Ursi helps Reduce Urinary Tract Infections

Also known as Barberry, Uva Ursi is one of the best remedies for kidney and bladder infections. Itís use as a folk remedy has been confirmed by modern research showing its effectiveness in treating urinary tract infections. It is also an excellent diuretic and digestive stimulant.

Valerian is good for the Nervous System and Relieves Tension promoting Sleep

For centuries Valerian has been used to treat nervous tension and panic attacks. A wonderful herb, Valerian is said to be claming and quieting to the nervous system, and may help relieve insomnia and improve circulation. It ranks among the ten most widely used herbs in the world, and if you have troubled sleep, this is an excellent alternative to drug sleeping aids. It also eases muscle tension and pain. Women also find it soothing during their monthly cycle, relieving menstrual pain and intestinal cramps. It is also recommended for promoting balance during periods of high-stress.

White Oak is a Powerful Astringent and is used for Kidney and Gallstones

A powerful astringent herb, White Oak bark is used for hemorrhoids and to remove kidney and gallstones. It is useful for gum infections and sore throats. It is high in bio-flavonoids, and is useful to strengthen the capillaries, to aid in treating varicose veins and chronic nosebleeds, gingivitis and loose teeth.

White Willow Helps Reduce Pain of Arthritis and Inflamed Joints

This is what they chemically copied when they patented aspirin. White Willow was prescribed by Hippocrates to treat pain and fever. A natural form of Salicin, White Willow is useful for stomach troubles and heartburn, but particularly used for headaches, arthritis, and the reduction of inflamed joints. It may also be used for hayfever and is useful for bladder infections.

Wild Yam is used for Cramps

Traditionally Wild Yam has been used for cramps and the relief of morning sickness from pregnancy. It is relaxing and soothing in neuralgia, and is said to expel gas from the system, and is also used for pain in the urinary tract. It has been used to prevent miscarriage.

Wood Betony relieves Heartburn and is Beneficial to the Liver

Betony is often used to treat stomach ailments such as heartburn, indigestion, and stomach cramps. It cleanses the blood of toxins, thus greatly benefiting the liver and spleen. It is also widely used to treat headaches.

Yellow Dock is a good Iron source and Builds Strength and Stamina

A wonderful blood purifier which be of use in most skin problems. High in digestible iron, it helps tone the entire system. It is useful for ulcers, constipation, rheumatism and in addition is used to build strength and endurance.

Yerba Mansa is a Herbal Antibiotic

Yerba Mansa is considered by folk healers to have many similar properties of Goldenseal. Thus it is used to treat colds, fevers, arthritis and allergies. Considered by many to be an effective herbal antibiotic, it is also used for bleeding gums and herpes simplex.

Yerba Santa reduces Chest Congestion

American Indians were known to chew or smoke the leaves of this herb to treat asthma, bronchial problems and hayfever. Modern herbalistís still use it for chest conditions. It is also reputed to be good for rheumatism and arthritis.

Yucca Root Strengthens the Immune System

This herb has been used for hundreds of years by the Southwestern Indians for pain and inflammation caused by arthritis and rheumatism. It is said to also reduce joint inflammation, and has been used with success for allergies and to strengthen the immune system.